Mercurial Repositories

Name Description Contact Last modified  
blogic Yet another Weblog publishing tool unknown 2007-01-05
como-empezar unknown unknown 2008-02-29
elinux unknown unknown 2009-06-04
elinux-vote unknown unknown 2009-07-16
find-duplicates Find duplicates files in a directory unknown 2006-10-13
gtktreeview Working with GtkTreeView unknown 2008-02-29
gturing Turing Simulator (Python version) unknown 2007-07-29
nautilus-hg Nautilus-Mercurial extension unknown 2007-07-29
nautilus-python Building plugins for Nautilus using Python unknown 2006-11-15
pepino Integration between Gazpacho and Gedit unknown 2006-09-08
programming-guidelines Translation of GNOME Programming Guidelines unknown 2008-02-29
thumbnail-checker Estimator of disk space wasted by missing/broken thumbnails unknown 2007-04-09
tortoisehg tortoisehg-dev with changes using MQ unknown 2008-08-05
tortoisehg/.hg/patches unknown unknown 2008-08-05
tortoisehg-debian debian packaging for Mercurial unknown 2008-08-05
tortoisehg-gpoo unknown unknown 2008-07-21